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mystery got solved. few weeks ago the dill was picked out of its pot and vanished. also sage was partly munched on. Yesterday I caught blackbird chewing on chive (aphids were there too) and today I had her at the door: the young blackbird, who apparently cannot fly yet. She occupied the herbs pots, then stood in the doorway for some time and on the end she made her way inside the apartment and went onto watering can and later the couch. the worried mother blackbird came, as she heard the youngster calling, but could not figure it out where the sound come from, for sure it could not be from human nest. it took her about 2 minutes to figure out that the youngster was in the human nest and the mother blackbird also decided to come in to check on the young one. Once the mother left, i removed the young one to the pots area in front of the door, where she is still sitting and sleeping. let's see how many days it will take to fly off. 

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