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June 14 2015

Longing Last Longer

June 13 2015

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June 12 2015

there are some features not covered in the manual. one stumbles upon them in the less desirable moment. the hidden digital checkmate may hack into the reality, by simply not acknowledging part of that reality.

June 11 2015

.                                     [mute all over]

June 10 2015

reading manuals is so amusing. at times. the manual teaches us to embrace the glitches, they are NOT a defect. please do not even think to call for service. it's not your tired eyes and brain, the dots are part of the digital experience.

June 09 2015

at slow shutter speeds, white, red, green, or blue dots may appear on the screen. However, this is not a defect.

June 08 2015

routines, routes, rituals, camera testing.

June 07 2015

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meeting the first sun rays after the nightly expedition.
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general rehearsal on the summit of Weißhorn (2317 m.) at 5.40 a.m.

June 06 2015

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remnants from the past.

June 04 2015

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speaking of...
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double bind / hedge. plus thirty bloody four degrees celsius, courtesy of l'anticiclone africano SCIPIONE.

June 02 2015

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occupy snow patch at 2430 m. while it lasts. down in the valley temperatures hits +30C

June 01 2015

that's why I like to shoot.
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I do not spend much time on combing text, images or quotes. I note and upload whatever pass through on a given day. Somehow these singular lines coalesce regularly and I am not sure if unconsciously I look for follow up of an image, text line or a quote or everything becomes interconnected anyhow and I am just passive observer. The above image I took this morning, after opening of the envelope which I extracted from the installation of Shilpa Gupta's My East is Your West, a joint venture exhibition of India and Pakistan at the Venice Biennale. The content of the envelope scattered on the table with only few lines of texts clearly readable. In the afternoon I went for the field research and the first I stumbled upon just few meters from the door, was the lizard entangled in a thin line on the image above.
The totality of things and connections is overwhelming. I wish I could set my brain on pause sometime. Perhaps I am just making it up. Perhaps the connections are only my projections. Nevertheless, just when I got struck by these two images next to one another (along with the latest notes and quotes), I also had to think of this quote by Gilles Deleuze:

'We are moving continuously on parallel lines, while interacting with the surrounding environment. Although those lines may not have been connected from the starting point, they could eventually merge in the expansion of their coordinates. The fluxus between those lines is what generates a constant set of indeterminate possibilities.'
Je suis l'autre. Toutes proportions gardées.
(I am the other. Relatively speaking.)
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