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July 05 2015

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July 02 2015

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July 01 2015

looking at the exhibition space on an email announcement and noticing a dog passing by. the blackbird is sitting on the parsley and is getting confused. street is crammed with people eating and I walk by with the pots of herbs. the policeman is directing traffic up to the mountain. few minutes later I look into leftover of a grape grinder counterweight under the floor covered by the glass, where the coins from 1700 have been found. I think I am about to find out something. wir haben hier eine Umleitung, aber alle fahren dorthin. die Ruhe darf nicht gestört werden. I need to take a break.
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June 29 2015

mystery got solved. few weeks ago the dill was picked out of its pot and vanished. also sage was partly munched on. Yesterday I caught blackbird chewing on chive (aphids were there too) and today I had her at the door: the young blackbird, who apparently cannot fly yet. She occupied the herbs pots, then stood in the doorway for some time and on the end she made her way inside the apartment and went onto watering can and later the couch. the worried mother blackbird came, as she heard the youngster calling, but could not figure it out where the sound come from, for sure it could not be from human nest. it took her about 2 minutes to figure out that the youngster was in the human nest and the mother blackbird also decided to come in to check on the young one. Once the mother left, i removed the young one to the pots area in front of the door, where she is still sitting and sleeping. let's see how many days it will take to fly off. 
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June 28 2015

Economies have tried to tap into me. Some governments try to contain me, but I always start to leak. Social contracts try to teach me to behave, but I don’t want rights. I want fuel. And if you think you can know me, I’ll give you such a strong dose of political and economic instability that you’ll wish you never tried.
Tags: precarity

June 27 2015

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Dumping of rubble and waste of all kinds is strictly prohibited. (but it does not concern Italian speakers, seems)

June 24 2015

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June 23 2015


June 21 2015

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Landschaft Macht Kapital

June 19 2015

I can't write / And I can't sing / I can't do anything / I can't read / And I can't spell / I can't even get to hell / I can't luv / And I can't hate / I can't even hesitate / I can't dance / And I can't walk / I can't even try to talk
— x-ray spex
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off you go (light bubble struck while directing. filmmaking can be so unpredictable).
the short circuit embraced the digital device and by such close encounter, send the device to the valley of eternal peace. Should I embrace the short circuit? Or shall I start to believe in resurrection?

June 18 2015

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June 17 2015

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final shot set-up of the day at bozen bahnhof (with rosengarten in full glory in the background). even the weather was working with and the haze was nearly gone, with crispy sharp mountain range as a result. it was about the time, after all the setbacks.

June 15 2015

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Wessen Welt ist die Welt?
Tags: aufnahme probe
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